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About Dodson & Horrell

We are a family owned British business that has been manufacturing high quality animal feeds since 1939. We manufacture diets for animals of all shapes and sizes, breeds and ages, so no matter whether yours are furry or feathered, we can confidently meet their needs with our wide product range.

As a business we continue to grow, develop and be excited by new markets yet we have an unwavering hold on what has got us to where we are today – quality. We refuse to compromise on this across the board and it has served us well to date, so long may this continue.

Quality Commitment

We are committed to quality across all sectors of the business. We source non-GM raw materials from local Farm Assured farmers where possible, we process virtually all of ingredients in-house to maximise consistency and quality assurance (QA) procedures are ongoing at all stages of the production process.

We run UFAS and ISO 9001/2008 accredited mills, we are approved by the Animal Medical Inspectorate for distribution and our horse feeds proudly display the BETA/UFAS NOPS logo. This signals that we manufacture to a strict code of feed safety, that products conform to the requirements of EU and UK legislation governing the manufacture of animal feeding stuffs and that we monitor for the presence of specified naturally occurring prohibited substances (NOPS) as required under the rules of racing and affiliated competitions.

Furthermore we are committed to acting responsibly to conserve both our local and global environment. As such we have numerous processes in place regarding recycling, energy conservation, efficient waste and water management, sympathetic site development and lighting.

Our heritage

We are incredibly proud to have been granted two Royal Warrants of Appointment. We were first granted a Royal Warrant in 1985 as Horse Feed Manufacturers to HM Queen Elizabeth II and this was extended in 2006 to that of Horse & Dog Food Manufacturers when Chudleys was also granted a Royal Warrant of Appointment.

Dodson & Horrell equine

We are Europe's leading horse feed manufacturer, the current Official Supplier of Nutrition to the British Equestrian Team and we the feed of choice to some of the leading racing stables, studs and competition yards in both the UK and further afield.


Whilst Chudleys has its roots firmly anchored in the working dog field, the brand also boasts a host of pet dog diets as well as a small animal range for rabbits and ferrets. This brand offers exceptional value for money, and after all who doesn't love high quality at affordable prices?


Autarky is the brand of choice for the discerning owner looking for hypoallergenic, wheat gluten free, holistic diets or to put it more simply, premium products in formulation but not in price.


For any owner looking for a simple, straightforward, inexpensive dog food, Gusto is the one for you. Gusto Adult is more often than not our number 1 selling product online, so why not join the fan club?

Dodson & Horrell Smallholder

With increasing numbers of us choosing to keep hens, our Smallholder range is one you can't be without. Hens fed on our Layers Pellets lay eggs with stunning deep yellow yolks, so with the proof of the pudding in the eating, what are you waiting for?

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