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Nettle Provides Health Benefits For Dogs

Posted on October 17, 2012 by Dodson & Horrell There have been 0 comments

Often considered to be a weed, most people would consider the growth or existence of Nettles a nuisance. However Nettle is actually one of the most versatile herbs when cut and dried as the constituents that cause allergic reactions are only active when the plant is alive!

Nettle can grow from walls and survives in such situations due to its infinite root structure sucking up and storing all the vitamins and minerals it can and then when cut and dried releases these to the benefit of those that take it.

The strange fact is that Nettle is often used in Canines for skin problems (the very thing it causes when alive). It can be used on scurfy coats and indeed hair loss and has an uncanny knack of encouraging the coat to grow back!

It can also be used for Anaemia as it has a good iron content and is a good blood herb for the circulation. Nettle is a diuretic so is an aid to flushing the kidneys helping to eliminate the risk of urinary tract infections.

Nettle is used in products in cases of arthritis, and is a very good aid for coat condition, often giving it a nice sheen.

Please always refer your animal to a veterinary practice if you are worried about your dog or the problem is severe. When using Nettle most people would expect it to take weeks before anything is noticeable but Dodson & Horrell we have often seen very good signs around or before seven days usage. It must not be given to bitches in whelp and the daily recommended amount must be adhered to

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